Whereas the Krewe of House Floats formed in order to allow Mardi Gras’ creativity, spirit and community to thrive during a pandemic that prevented traditional Mardi Gras activities, and to ensure that all who participate as Krewe of House Floats Krewe Members (“Krewe Members”) or spectators do so in the safest possible manner while maintaining standards that respect each other, our neighborhoods, the City of New Orleans, and our Mardi Gras traditions and culture, Krewe Members agree to adhere to the following guiding principles.



Mardi Gras is a family-friendly event and Krewe Members agree to adhere to that tradition. Krewe Members agree to respect community standards of appropriate behavior. Decorations of Krewe Member costumes or houses shall not be racist, pornographic or politically offensive. The custom of Mardi Gras is for it to be an event welcoming to all, and the Krewe of House Floats strives to uphold that intention.

Krewe Members agree not to display any endorsement of candidates for elective public office, nor any endorsement of any issues to be voted on in an upcoming election. Nothing contained in this provision prohibits the humorous caricature of current social events and issues.

Krewe Members agree that advertising and commercial endorsements or messages are not permitted. Decorations shall not include the unauthorized depiction of copyrighted materials or trademarks, commercial messages, corporate or commercial signs, logos, symbols, or identifications.



Krewe Members agree to follow all local COVID-19 safety protocols in addition to any state and federal governmental COVID-19 safety protocols as set forth by the City of New Orleans, the local Departments of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

All Krewe activities will be carried out in such a way as to avoid attracting crowds.

Krewe Members agree that should they become aware of a positive COVID-19 case in connection with Krewe activities, they will fully cooperate with local health department procedures regarding contact tracing.



Krewe Members agree to abide by local and state regulations regarding live entertainment and performance events. Furthermore, Krewe Members are responsible for abiding by applicable local ordinances in their own neighborhoods regarding live or amplified music. Krewe Members in Orleans Parish are responsible for obtaining their own “live entertainment” permits from the City of New Orleans. Applicable regulations for other parishes and counties can be found on local and state government websites.



Krewe Members agree that they will create and distribute throws with public safety in mind. Local ordinances prohibit certain types of items, such as noxious substances and sharp items, and Krewe Members agree that they will not distribute any such prohibited items.

Krewe Members agree not to shoot off fireworks, start fires or bonfires, or decorate with the use of open flames.

Krewe Members agree to follow all local laws and ordinances regarding gatherings, noise, and parking and traffic regulations.



Krewe Members agree that the use of the Krewe of House Floats name or logo will not be used for any commercial purposes.



Krewe Members agree to remove all House Float decorations by March 13, 2022, and to ensure that the area around their property is clean of any related debris.



Any conduct by a Krewe Member considered unbecoming to the Krewe of House Floats may be considered reason to be removed from the Krewe.

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